Barbecue smokers are used for cooking meats at low temperatures over a longer period of time. Using different woods will create unique flavors. Bullet style smokers are great for smaller pieces of meat. Cabinet style smokers can handle more cuts of meat and larger pieces. It’s popular to have a grill for smoking small dishes and a separate smoker for slow cooking larger cuts.

How it Cooks
The base contains the heat source – charcoal, gas or electricity. A liquid pan and water soaked wood chips or chunks are set above the heat source to create smoke and to prevent the food from drying out. You place your food on the grill racks above. A built in thermometer can help monitor temperature and a damper helps you regulate the temperature by allowing air in. Fuel door lets you add fuel or wood chips without opening door and losing heat.

How to Start It
Charcoal, gas or electric smokers operate and start slightly differently so read your owner’s manual. An electric start is the easiest. At the most basic level, you’ll add wood chips and a pan of water near the heat source. You may need to soak wood chips or add water as you cook. Add your food to the grilling racks. You can also try adding beverages, marinades or herbs and spices to the water pan for added flavor.
Basic Must-Haves and Add-On Accessories:

  • Wood chips
  • Cookbook
  • Jerky rack

Built-in Upgrades:

  • Additional smoking racks
  • Cold smoke box for cheese and fruit