They’re great for smoking and because they can reach very high heat that’s ideal for grilling, baking and searing. All of it can be done in one unit, saving time and cost of buying additional equipment. This makes them an exceptional value even at a higher price point.

How a Ceramic Grill Cooks
Hardwood natural lump charcoal fuels the cooking for loads of smoky wood fired flavor without chemicals. And, they’re very fuel efficient. Premium hardwood lump charcoal doesn’t turn to ash and smothers easily when you cut off air. You can relight the coal to get multiple uses out of one batch. The shape allows air to circulate around the food for uniform cooking. Control the temperature precisely by adjusting a draft door. The ceramic is great insulation so it uses less heat overall to cook helps meat stay moist. Ceramic heat deflectors allow for indirect and more versatile cooking.
How to Start a Ceramic Grill
You can light the coals with a chimney starter, fire starter cubes, an electric charcoal starter or an electric blow lighter. Open the draft door at the bottom of the grill, leave the dome up. After about 10 minutes you close the dome.

Basic Must-Haves:

  • Some models come with all the accessories to bake, smoke and grill right out of the box
  • Lump charcoal
  • Electric starter
  • Grilling gloves

Built-in Upgrades:

  • Innovative features – multi level cooking rack to create multiple cooking zones
  • Slide out ash drawer for easy clean up. Easy setup – mostly pre-assembled
  • Larger unit with larger cooking surface
  • Stand with casters Cooking island or table

Add-On Accessories:

  • Side table
  • Dutch Oven
  • Indirect convection system
  • Pizza or baking stones
  • Multi-level cooking grates or cast iron grate
  • Roasters or racks
  • Flavor injector, basting mop
  • Specialty utensils